Friday, April 13, 2012

Here they come!

So here is our long overdue update about our family. I will try to catch you up on the major changes and growing our family has done in the past two months. Remember when we wanted two little boys to adopt? Well God’s plan seemed a little different.

We got a little six year old girl on January 25th. She is a pistol! She is talking and asking questions from the time she wakes up until she goes to sleep. She was having a tough time at her last foster home and they requested that she be moved right away. She was only supposed to stay with us for a month until she could go and join her 3 siblings in a new foster placement. Her siblings are a 4yr old girl, a 3yr old boy, and a 2yr old girl. **This is where God plan started to bubble up in our lives.

All of the behaviors and struggles she had at her last foster home seemed to disappear in our home. Ok not disappear but close! She was thriving! Her therapists, social worker, case manager and attorney are all thrilled and shocked to hear about how well she is doing.

But she was supposed to leave us…..she was scheduled to move into a home that in my gut I felt was wrong for her. I remember sobbing in church that Sunday. God why did you give me this little girl who has all the potential in the world just to put her in another foster home that’s wrong for her? How are you just going to watch these kids suffer in the foster care system knowing that they have very little change of success? I was mad. I was hurt and I felt like no one cared about making sure these kids stay safe and become successful.

Deacon and I talked about it. We prayed about it. We talked some more. We asked the social worker for all of her siblings. We asked again, can they all move in with us. We moved to a bigger house to fit all of them. Then we asked the social work supervisor, can we move them all together? FINALLY we got approval that they were all going to move in on April 13th.

So this morning I'm drinking my second cup of coffee with a 6 year old reading over my shoulder. We are trying to prepare for the addition of 3 more into the home acknowledging that quite time will soon be a thing of the past. People ask if we are ready.....I don't know if Ready is the word for it.....but we are committed. We are called and we are willing. Pray for us.


  1. I admire you!!! God is smiling upon you and Deacon.

  2. I wish more people were willing to put children's needs above their own, like the two of you have. These children are going to be so blessed. God will, in turn, bless you. I will put y'all on my prayer list.

  3. Hey Guys, Proud of you. By the way, if we felt "ready" for everything we might not remember to trust Jesus. You are already great parents, keep it up.

  4. Amen to what Gerry said! Love you!